Zero Touch Mailing – Save time and money with industry-leading automated mailing services

Your current process probably consists of a lot of manual steps to print compliance letters, stuff envelopes, and physically mail the items. You probably also send Certified mailings, and complicating the process are those tricky green card return receipts that you have to track and file. Add in the rising costs of toner and paper—not to mention the loss of valuable personnel resources—and that process really begins to add up.

Well, we’ve listened and created an automated solution that frees you from ever having to fold a letter again. Smartwebs has partnered with the leading industry document management companies, SouthData and Optimal Outsource, to revolutionize your mailing workflow.

Once Zero Touch Mailing is enabled, you’ll have the knowledge that as soon as you click “Send” on a violation in the field, your work is done.

  • Automated mailing electronically picks up your letters nightly, and physically prints and mails via USPS first thing the next business morning.
  • Violation record is automatically updated with all mailing details.
  • Certified mail tracking number, Certified mail receipt, and signature documents push to violation record for easy accessibility.
  • Complete record of all documentation hosted in both the online and offline environments so you can quickly view this information from the field.


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