Online Architectural Review and Approval Software

Break away from manual reviews and those endless email chains and meetings! SmartArchitecturals provides 24/7 online access for architectural committees to review, collaborate, and vote. In turn, providing a 70% improvement in overall time savings and allowing for faster turnarounds on decisions to the homeowner.

  • Online Homeowner Application Submittal – Homeowners submit ARC applications online, management reviews and releases for ARC Committee review.
  • Automated Notifications - System sends acknowledgment to homeowner, then notifies the ARC committee of the new project to review, even allowing the committee to request more info from the homeowner, as needed.
  • Board Approval Dashboard – Enables ARC committees to track all requests, review project documents, collaborate and vote.
  • Targeted Proactive Guidance – System provides CC&R guidelines, custom triggered expiration warnings, and links to building material sites and resources.
  • Automated Letters - System immediately creates letters with committee inserted comments, allows for letter preview and validation, and automatically sends via email to the homeowner.
  • Online Access & Data Storage – Quick access to the records, completed project documents and letter archives,  comprehensive decision history.
  • Reporting – Convenient, real-time reporting allows your team to have a pulse on all ARC activities in your community.

Easier reviews, faster turnarounds, and increased productivity!