Community Inspections Just Got Easier

SmartCompliance offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-use mobile compliance software in the strata community industry! It will reduce your overall compliance processing time by 50% while empowering boards with online access to real-time records and dashboards.

  • Virtual Maps – View your estate community easily with our mapping technology and colour-coded house icons for each property to quickly identify open/closed violations.
  • GPS Enabled - GPS navigation makes it a breeze to pinpoint your exact location during your inspection.
  • Automated Letters – Select rule in breach, click on the camera icon to snap a photo and our software will automatically create the letter with integrated picture.
  • Multiple Breaches to Single Letter - We’ve made it simple to select multiple violations to be included in one letter and track them separately moving forward.
  • Voice Dictation – Talk to your device, and our software will recognise your voice and turn it into text that gets included into the letter.
  • Status Indicators - Easily track statuses for a property or breach, such as bankruptcy, tenant, request for hearing etc. A convenient colour-coded triangle next to house icon is provided for quick status reference.
  • Mail House Services - Take the cost and time out of printing and mailing your letters with this automated service.
  • Real-time Data - Have access to all letters, pictures and notes at your fingertips.
  • Board Access – Provides a dashboard with charts, graphs, statistics and percentages of breaches for your community. View letters, pictures, certified signatures anytime, anywhere. Our new Picture Report provides a comprehensive visual view of violation activity.

You drive. We’ll do the rest.